The Center for Transportation e-Learning

Unique learning courses designed by rural and small urban transit agency professionals for the transit industry.

The Center for Transportation e-Learning The Center for Transportation e-Learning

Benefits of e-Learning

Despite the many benefits that training provides, River Cities Public Transit and its peers face many challenges to providing the high-quality training its employees and riders need and deserve:

  • Travel time - training often requires cost of traveling long distances to a centralized location
  • Inflexible schedules - transit agencies cannot disrupt service for training making it impossible for all employees to attend training at the same time, if at all.
  • High costs - training can be prohibitively expensive as trainers must cover salary, travel, materials, and meeting space costs.
  • Unmet training needs - due to limited resources available to agencies and the industry.
  • Lack of formal training programs and certifications - some transit occupations, notably drivers, do not have access to organized curricula or certification programs.
  • Small staff - some transit agencies do not have the ability to provide even the most basic training in-house due to their small size.
  • Too much time spent covering the basics - many training opportunities spend considerable time providing participants with introductory information wasting the time of those already well-versed on the topic and preventing the coverage of advanced topics.
  • Ineffective training - not all transit training adheres to modern adult learning standards and practices.

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